Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Moving back to cali

So its official, I'll be back in Los Angeles March 14th to freelance from there. I love Chicago, and I'll visit here as much as I can ( except the winter) I have great memories being at Midway for 2 years. I told myself I'm only going to take a full time position if I really believed in the company. I don't know how long I will stay in Los Angeles, because Seattle and Vancouver is tempting me.

Oh also, a close friend of mine launched a record label. If you like house music, check it out.
http://homeschooledmusic.com/ I'll be doing his album cover as well, which is pretty sick.


Justin Yun said...

Finally coming back huh? Good to hear bro... Your stuff is looking good man, keep it up!

paint paint paint said...

yeah thats the plan! but theres a huge BUT...Cali might be a pitstop. We'll see what happens with things.

Wayne Porter said...

hope it all works out my friend. I plan on moving out there soon. Take care.

Powell said...

Richard Lee you have a blog! and it's awesome!!! Thanks for teaching the ropes my man.

Dodgers suck! :P